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NBR® Method Versus Other Extension Methods

Updated: 5 days ago

In the vast expanse of extension options, navigating through various installation methods can feel like a daunting task. Let's clear the waters and shed light on what exactly NBR, or Natural Beaded Rows, is and why it stands apart as a superior choice: N.B.R. stands for Natural Beaded Rows. Natural, because our techniques and attention to all of the little details yield the most perfect blends. Rooting, Low-lighting, Toning, Placement. Pain free and non damaging.

Unlike other methods, NBR employs hand-tied wefts and a track that is braid-free, adhesive-free, and chemical-free. This unique track, carefully crafted with fine string and the tiniest 2mm beads, lies flat and comfortable against your scalp. Rest assured, we never compromise by stitching through your hair or beads, ensuring the health of your precious strands. Better front coverage.

This is a picture of a NBR Row Extension installed on someone's hair

Our proprietary placement technique addresses a common challenge, offering better front coverage than many other methods can achieve. This attention to detail ensures that your extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair, enhancing your overall look. Ponytail Friendly.

This is a woman with NBR extensions tied in a ponytail

Easily concealed within a ponytail, it's the perfect companion for your workouts or when you simply want to wear your hair up. The freedom to enjoy various hairstyles without worrying about extensions being on display is truly liberating. The best for very fine hair. If you have fine hair, NBR is your ultimate ally. The use of silicone-free beads, a hallmark of our approach, makes all the difference. Unlike silicone beads that often slip out of fine hair, ours provide reliable support, ensuring that your extensions stay securely in place. No “flaps”. Unlike methods that involve folding a weft over start beads, NBR employs an anchor bead at both the beginning and end. This innovation eliminates any "flaps" or unevenness, leaving you with a seamlessly natural finish. The NBR Method stands tall as a reflection of our dedication to excellence, innovation, and hair health. It's not just about adding length and volume; it's about enhancing your natural beauty while prioritizing the integrity of your hair. Welcome to a world where perfection meets care—welcome to NBR.

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