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Amanda started in the industry by growing up in her Grandmother's salon. She has been doing hair and extensions for the past 15 years. Haute Hair Studio, where she currently serves as the Creative Director and a Licensed Artist with Natural Beaded Rows Extensions. In 2018 Amanda put her focus solely on NBR as she wanted to create a business where every stylist is specialized only extensions. Her vibrant personality, need for perfection, and overall creativity is what keeps her clients flying in from all over the world. You will get nothing short of pure luxury when you visit Haute Hair!

Fun fact: She remembers every detail about everything but can never find her phone or keys.


Bruna's love of everything beauty came at an early age from watching youtube tutorials, learning to braid, and experimenting with color. She began at Haute Hair in 2020 and quickly mastered the art of Color and NBR extensions under Amanda's mentorship. She has now grown into a Lead Artist and mentor for the haute Hair Academy, the salon's apprentiship program. Her impeccable style, high standard of work, and color mastery are what make Bruna an amazing Artist.  

Fun fact: She's trained in jiujitsu for seven years and also loves to sing!



Skylier's journey in the world of beauty began at the age of 12, and she has been passionately doing hair and makeup ever since. Since she was young, shes always found joy in things that are unique and quirky, which has lead her to color her hair every color of the rainbow. This love for the unusual extends into her professional life as well, as she's absolutely obsessed with creating 'lived-in' hair color and experimenting with bold and fashionable hues. When she's not working her magic in the salon, her absolute favorite place to be is at the beach, where she can unwind and soak in the serenity of the waves.

Fun fact: She can also draw and paint!



Angelina's  passion for hairstyling goes way back to her childhood when she used to accompany her aunt to her salon to 'help' her, finding so much bliss in watching her work her magic with hair. Today, she's honed her skills and hold certifications in three different hand-tied extension methods, with NBR being specialty. But if there's one thing that truly makes her heart race, it's blonding services. She has a passion for creating healthy, blonde hair that is enhanced with Extensions. 

Fun fact: She can't walk backwards.



Jung wears many hats in our salon. She is our guest concierge, handles all of our operations and is responsible for all of our marketing and social media. Jung is on the recieving end of your calls and texts, schedules all appointments and can answer any questions guests may have along the way. She’s everyone’s go to gal!

Fun fact: She's obsessed with fitness, especially yoga and weightlifting! 

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