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Amanda's journey in the beauty industry began in her grandmother's salon, igniting her passion for hair and extensions over the past 15 years. As the Creative Director and a Licensed Artist specializing in Natural Beaded Rows Extensions at Haute Hair Studio, Amanda has dedicated herself to perfecting her craft. In 2018, Amanda made the bold decision to focus exclusively on NBR, driven by her vision to establish a salon where every stylist excels in extensions. Her infectious energy, pursuit of excellence, and boundless creativity draw clients from around the globe. When you step into Haute Hair, expect nothing less than an experience of pure luxury, tailored to your unique style and preferences.

Fun fact: She remembers every detail about everything but can never find her phone or keys.



Skylier's journey in the world of beauty began at the age of 12, and she has been passionately doing hair and makeup ever since. Since she was young, shes always found joy in things that are unique and quirky, which has lead her to color her hair every color of the rainbow. This love for the unusual extends into her professional life as well, as she's absolutely obsessed with creating 'lived-in' hair color and experimenting with bold and fashionable hues. When she's not working her magic in the salon, her absolute favorite place to be is at the beach, where she can unwind and soak in the serenity of the waves.

Fun fact: She can also draw and paint!


Angelina's love for hairstyling traces back to her childhood days spent at her aunt's salon. While helping her aunt around the salon she quickly discovered her passion for hair! Over the years, she has refined her skills and obtained certifications in three distinct hand-tied extension methods, with a focus on NBR. While Angelina excels in various techniques, her true passion lies in blonding services. She thrives on the art of crafting vibrant, healthy blonde hair, elevating it with her expertise in extensions. Each client's journey with Angelina is infused with her genuine dedication and love for her craft, resulting in stunning transformations that leave a lasting impression.

Fun fact: She can't walk backwards.


Kyndall is our talented Co-Stylist. With a passion for crafting beautiful hair and a keen eye for detail, Kyndall is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their desired looks. She thrives on staying updated with the latest trends and techniques, ensuring that each client leaves the salon feeling confident and satisfied. Whether she's assisting with appointments or styling, Kyndall's commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of her work.

Fun Fact: She is the biggest dog lover (especially boxers)! 


Meet Jung, the powerhouse behind the scenes at our salon. From being your friendly guest concierge to managing our day-to-day operations and spearheading our marketing and social media efforts, Jung wears many hats with grace and efficiency. With her dedication and expertise, she ensures that every visit to our salon is seamless and unforgettable. She’s everyone’s go to gal!

Fun fact: She's born and raised in Tampa! 

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