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Top 3 Summer Hair Care Tips for Extensions

Updated: 7 days ago

While we’re busy enjoying beach outings, pool parties, and outdoor activities, it’s easy to forget that our hair needs some extra care during these summer months. Here are 3 essential summer hair care tips to keep your hair and extensions looking fabulous all season long.

1. Use Mineral-Based Sunblock!

Extensions can be low maintenance, but they also require special care, especially during summer. One common issue is the unexpected color change extensions can undergo due to sun exposure and chemicals in sunblocks. To avoid your beautiful extensions turning an orange peach color, switch to a mineral-based sunblock.

Mineral-based sunblocks use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as active ingredients, which are less likely to react with the materials used in hair extensions. These sunblocks sit on the skin's surface rather than being absorbed, providing a physical barrier against harmful UV rays without causing discoloration.

This is a photo of a top knot bun with visor

2. Keep Your Hair Up & Out of the Water!

There’s nothing like a refreshing dip in the pool to beat the summer heat, but chlorine and other chemicals in pool water can be harsh on your hair. To minimize damage, it’s best to keep your hair out of the water as much as possible. One stylish and practical solution is to wear your hair in a topknot or a high ponytail with a cute visor.

These hairstyles not only keep your hair away from the damaging effects of chlorinated water but also help you stay cool. By keeping your hair out of the pool, you’ll prevent it from becoming dry, brittle, and discolored.

This is a photo of Hair in The Sun Sacha Juan

3. Rehydrate with Sacha Juan Hair After the Sun

Even with the best preventive measures, your hair can still become parched from the sun, saltwater, and chlorine exposure. Rehydrating your hair is crucial to maintain its health and shine. One of the best products for this is the Sachajuan Hair After the Sun.

Sacha Juan Hair After the Sun is specifically formulated to restore moisture and repair damage caused by sun exposure. It contains ocean silk technology, which harnesses the power of sea algae to provide deep hydration and nourishment. Here’s how to use it:

- Apply a generous amount to damp hair after spending time in the sun.

- Distribute evenly from roots to tips.

- Leave it in to let your hair absorb the nutrients and moisture, or rinse it out after a few minutes for a lighter touch.

Regular use of Sacha Juan Hair After the Sun will keep your hair soft, shiny, and resilient throughout the summer months.

By incorporating these three simple yet effective tips into your summer hair care routine, you can enjoy all the season’s delights without compromising the health and beauty of your hair. Embrace the sun, surf, and sand with confidence, knowing that your extensions are well-protected and nourished. Happy Summer!

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