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The Method Matters! : Choosing the right method for you.

Updated: 5 days ago

There been a spicy conversation happening in the extension industry lately that the “method” of extensions that you use doesn’t matter, as long as the outcome works for the guest.

this is a photo of hair

However we disagree a little. To us, method totally matters. Choosing the right method, one that’s been developed over years of practice, with intentional placement and stitching is so important. There’s hundreds of methods available now a days. But sometimes even if the installations are clean and crisp, guests still find themselves dealing with pain points like corner flaps, unmatched texture, mixed methods on their hair. Our method takes into consideration your density, texture, head shape and ares where you need coverage.

In our consultations we go over how our method gives you better front coverage so you don’t need to mix multiple types of extension attachments to get a good blend. Our method gives you length and volume in 2 rows instead of 3 or 4. Our method is discreet and perfect for fine hair.

So although your method could be good for some guests, it may not be what’s right for your hair. For a lot of our new guests, NBR™️ just works better for them and they don’t know until they’ve met us 😄

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