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Get Gasparilla Ready with Haute Hair!

It's that time of the year when Tampa Bay transforms into a sea of pirate hats, beads, and glittering treasures. Yes, we're talking about Gasparilla. At our salon, we're all about bringing the glam to Gasparilla – because why let the pirates have all the fun?

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Mermaid-Inspired Extensions

Gasparilla is synonymous with the sea, and what better way to embrace mermaid-inspired hair extensions? Picture cascading waves of vibrant colors, blending seamlessly with your natural locks. From deep ocean blues to shimmering greens and sunset purples – let your hair become a canvas for the sea's enchantment.

Be Bold with Braids

Pirates love braids, and so do we! Level up your Gasparilla style with intricate braids that tell a tale of adventure. Whether it's fishtail, Dutch, or waterfall braids, our stylists will transform your hair into a masterpiece fit for a pirate queen. Add some sparkling beads or even tiny trinkets for that extra touch of pirate chic.

Pirate-Inspired Hair Accessories

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Accessorize like a true pirate with hairpieces that scream Gasparilla. Think skull-adorned clips, pearl-studded headbands, or even miniature pirate ships nestled in your locks.

Sea Salt Textured Waves

For that effortlessly chic pirate vibe, go for sea salt textured waves. Embrace the windswept look that says you've just stepped off a pirate ship. Our stylists know the secret recipe to achieve those beachy waves that will complement your Gasparilla outfit perfectly.

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Book Your Gasparilla Glam Session

Gasparilla is about embracing the spirit of adventure, and what better way to do it than with a visit to our salon? Book your Gasparilla glam session now, and let our skilled stylists do the rest so your Gasparilla ready!

Happy Gasparilla! 🏴‍☠️✨

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