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Exploring Winter's Hottest Hair Shades!

This season, we're diving into the trending hues that are making waves. From bronde to strawberry blonde and midnight brunette, we're spotlighting some must-try looks you'll love. Let's delve into these inspirations for your next salon visit!

This is a photo of a woman at Haute Hair Studio

Bronde: The Perfect Blend

Is it blonde? Is it brunette? Bronde is the ultimate fusion shade, offering versatility and low maintenance that's perfect all year. Blending two tones enriches your natural color, creating depth and warm undertones. It's a universal shade loved by brunettes seeking a lighter touch and blondes looking to add dimension. Feeling tempted to try it?

This is a photo of a woman at Haute Hair Studio

Strawberry Blonde: A Timeless Trend

Strawberry blonde, once a summer sensation, continues to reign supreme even into the winter months. Inspired by icons like Hailey Bieber, this trend complements your natural radiance, seamlessly transitioning into winter hair trends. With a shift towards natural, glossy colors—whether blonde, brunette, or multi-tonal—emphasis lies on healthy, shiny looks.

This is a photo of a woman at Haute Hair Studio

Espresso Brunette: Chic and Timeless

There's something utterly chic about a deep, dark espresso brown, making it a timeless choice for the winter. Whether you opt for a rich brunette or lean towards jet-black hues, there's a plethora of variations on classic brunettes to keep you inspired. As color trends evolve each season, the possibilities are endless.

Find Your Perfect Shade

Color trends are always evolving, promising exciting new looks. Whether it's a bronde balayage or a deep midnight brunette, finding the ideal color for you is key, especially when considering hair extensions. They can elevate your look, and choosing the right shade is the first step towards flawless, seamless extensions.

Ready to Transform?

Keen to explore the world of hair extensions? Schedule your free consultation today. We're thrilled to help you discover your perfect look. Get in touch—we can't wait to hear from you!


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