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5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Extensions

The process of getting hair extensions marks an exciting phase in your beauty journey. At Haute Hair, our stylists go beyond being extension experts; they're dedicated to ensuring an exceptional experience for you. To streamline your extension journey, here are essential insights our stylists want to share before you dive into the world of longer, more voluminous hair

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1. Maintenance Matters:

Hair extensions aren't a one-time deal; regular maintenance is key. The frequency varies based on how quickly your hair grows, hair texture/density etc. For instance, our hand-tied extensions clients typically need maintenance every 4-8 weeks, some 6 weeks some 8 weeks, This upkeep ensures your extensions remain in excellent condition, maintaining their stunning appearance.

2. Confidence Boost:

Extensions aren't solely about length; they're about confidence. Our aim at Haute Hair is to help you feel like your most empowered self. Many clients discover a newfound confidence with extensions. It's not just about the added length; it's about embracing a fresh level of self-assurance and beauty.

3. Embrace Your Natural Hair:

Extensions enhance, not replace, your natural hair. Before adding length and volume, we encourage you to appreciate your natural hair—its texture, pattern, and color. We celebrate the unique beauty of your hair.

4. Special Care for Special Hair:

Extensions require specialized care. We suggest using high-quality products designed for extensions. At Haute Hair, we endorse Oribe, renowned for its quality and excellence. These products are crafted to maintain the best appearance for your extensions and ensure their longevity.

5. It's an Investment:

Quality extensions are an investment in your beauty and confidence. While cheaper options may exist, investing in top-notch extensions guarantees a natural look, durability, and an overall positive experience. Your hair deserves the best.

Your Hair, Your Choice:

Prior to getting extensions, being well-informed and prepared is crucial. Our stylists are here to support you throughout, ensuring that your extension journey isn't just transformative but also enjoyable. Armed with the right knowledge and an experienced stylist, you're on track to achieve the hair you've always dreamed of.


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