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The Ultimate Guide to Hair Care for Extensions | Summer Edition

Updated: Apr 11

Maintaining Your NBR Extensions During the Hot Summer Months

We all understand the toll that scorching summer temperatures can take on our hair, and this rings especially true for NBR extensions. Since extensions are obviously not attached to the scalp, they rely solely on external care for nourishment and moisture. Thus, it's crucial to adopt a special care routine to keep them looking their best.

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Establish a Consistent Washing Routine

Regular washing is key to preserving the integrity and appearance of your NBR extensions, especially during the summer when sweat, sunscreen, and other products can build up. However, washing should be approached with caution. Aggressive washing near the base can compromise the installation, leading to loosening or even slippage. To maintain the longevity of your extensions, opt for gentle washing techniques like detangling your hair prior to washing and using hydrating products like Oribe Moisture and Control shampoo and conditioner to combat the drying effects of summer heat. We also recommend double washing! Double washing (shampooing) helps better clarify the hair and scalp, enabling any other products you use to work more effectively.

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Nourish with Hair Treatments

Summer demands extra care for both your natural hair and extensions. Incorporating regular hair treatments into your routine is essential to keep your extensions looking and feeling their best. The Oribe Moisture and Control line is formulated to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft, replenishing moisture and leaving your hair silky smooth all season long. We also LOVE the Oribe Thickening Spray, a high-density treatment designed for thinning hair. This powerful formula instantly plumps hair at the root, promoting fuller and thicker strands over time. It not only adds volume and body but also energizes, hydrates, and protects the scalp for a healthier, balanced look. For our blondes we recommend using the Oribe Bright Blonde Radiance & Repair Treatment since it instantly tones and brightens hair while treating existing damage and preventing future issues. Another great option is the Oribe Alchemy Fortifying Treatment. This sheer, fast-absorbing serum forms a protective shield around each strand, enhancing tstrength, elasticity, and preventing breakage from within. Depending on your hair type and lifestyle, monthly or even weekly treatments may be necessary to combat the drying effects of summer.

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Brushing with NBR Extensions

When brushing NBR Extensions, it's important to use a WET brush. This not only safeguards the extensions but also ensures a smooth blend between your natural hair and the extensions. It's advisable to replace your brush annually since the bristles tend to lose their firmness over time. For those unsure about proper brushing technique, hold the strand of hair you're brushing with one hand and begin brushing from the bottom, working your way up. This approach prevents tangles and minimizes the risk of damaging the extensions.

Remember to Oil your Extensions!

Using oil (Oribe Gold Lust oil) for your hair extensions is crucial for maintaining hydration and to add to the health/longevity of your extensions. The quantity of oil required varies based on the amount/length of hair, but it's good to begin with a dime sized amount and adjust as needed. When applying oil to your extensions, focus on the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair for optimal results. Oiling your hair might not be a part of your current routine so to stay consistent with this regiment we suggest oiling before bed time this way it gives the hair time to soak it in and not look too oily!

Wear Mineral Based Sunscreen! Avoid Avebenzone Sunscreens!

Each summer, there is typically an occasional occurrence of hair extensions unexpectedly turning peach or orange. We're familiar with the issue of sunscreen causing stains on clothes, but it's important to note that SPF protection can also lead to staining on extensions. Dyed blonde hair or blonde hair extensions are especially prone to discoloration. While individuals with darker locks may experience a slight change in color, the effect is significantly more pronounced on blonde hair that has undergone extensive processing. We highly recommend using sunscreens from Supergoop since they are mineral based or any brand of sunscreen that does not contain Avebenzone!

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What in sunscreen causes the hair to discolor?

1) Avebenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane): An oil-soluble component utilized in sunscreen formulations to absorb a broad range of UVA rays.

2) Octocrylene: Added as a stabilizer to prevent degradation of Avebenzone when exposed to light. These ingredients are typically present in varying proportions in sun protection products.

How often do I get new hair?

Usually our clients get new hair every 4-6 months! It truly depends on how well you take care of your extensions. Every 6-8 weeks, you’ll need a “bump up” which is just maintenance on the extensions. Our specialists will also assess the health of your hair at every appointment and prepare you for when you may need to replace your hair so you can schedule your new install accordingly.

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